Web Site Bug Fixes

A few bugs have been reported about this web site that made the site too difficult to use on narrower screens. Those bugs have been fixed, but your review is needed to confirm that they have actually been fixed. Here is a list of the changes we've made.

  • On both the Rescue Groups By State page and the Rescue Groups By Group Name page, we've added the ability to scroll the table to the left and right so all columns can be viewed even on narrow screens (such as those on mobile phones).
  • On the Rescue Groups By State page, we've added the ability to scroll the map to the left and right so the entire map can be viewed even on narrow screens.
  • On both the Rescue Groups By State page and the Rescue Groups By Group Name page, we've slightly altered the column widths and adjusted the algorithms used to print the contents of those columns in order to be sure that no column values exceed the width of the columns.

New Features

The new National Sheltie Rescue Network web site has many new features. You are strongly encouraged to explore at length by trying all of the menu items and clicking on links.

The following list should give you a hint about all of the new features, both those already implemented and those still under development.

  • The roster of Sheltie rescue groups is now generated from a database that should be much easier to keep current. In addition, the roster can be sorted by state or by rescue group name, as you prefer.
  • In fact, a number of features of this web site are now based on information stored in a database, which ought to improve our ability to respond more quickly to reports of problems and to changes in facts on the ground.
  • The "banner" of Sheltie photographs that appears on most pages of the web site is now made up of a number of banners (one per rescue group that has submitted pictures to be used) and each group's photos crossfade with other groups' photos.
  • We've finally set up an online store on which we can sell products to raise money for the National Sheltie Rescue Network, including the tee-shirts and sweatshirts that are sold each year at the National. In addition, we've provided the ability for each individual Sheltie rescue group to have their own web stores linked from this web site to aid you in your own fundraising efforts. (Please note that we continue to work on a "real" web store in addition to the shopping opportunities on this web site.)
  • We intend to publish on this web site all of NSRN's underlying documents, such as the Code of Ethics on which we've been working, a history of NSRN from the first steps taken by Dorothy 'way back in 1998, and other information of interest to new groups that may join the Network in the future.
  • Our supporters deserve recognition, and we're working on the best way to acknowledge them (especially those who make substantial donations).

If you happen to notice any typos, other errors, or problems of any kind on this website, please report it to our Webmaster.