Supporters of the National Sheltie Rescue Network

We are grateful for every donation, no matter how small, and for every action that supports Sheltie rescue, no matter how major or minor. But some supporters go beyond reasonable expectations and provide a really significant amount of help, either through a large cash donation, through a donation of some significant goods for sale or auction by NSRN, or through providing some service that was of particular help to NSRN.

This page is provided to recognize those extraordinary donors and supporters.

Donor/Supporter Date Added
Mary Anania, Seabreeze Shelties 2016-04-14
Ana Goulet
The Virginia Perry Gardiner Collection
Carol Brandenburg 2016-04-17
Corinne Finnie 2016-04-17
Julie Martinez 2016-04-17
Robin Hoffman 2016-04-17